New Jersey Detox Placement

Detox Placement

Looking for a drug & alcohol detox in NJ? Let us help with our vetted detox partners and placement services.


Expert NJ Drug & Alcohol Detox Placement Services

At North Jersey Wellness, we understand that the first step towards overcoming addiction is often the most challenging. Detoxification—the process of allowing the body to rid itself of an addictive substance—is frequently the start of this journey. Our drug and alcohol detoxification placement services are designed to ensure clients are placed into a vetted detoxification partner facility that best meets their individual needs, facilitating a safer and more comfortable path to recovery.

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What is Detox?

Undestanding Detoxification

Detoxification is the first step in addressing substance abuse issues. It involves the removal of harmful substances from the body, often under the close observation of medical professionals. The detox phase paves the way for long-term recovery by clearing an individual’s body of harmful toxins and preparing them mentally and physically for the journey ahead.


What We Offer

Treatment Services

What We Offer

What We Offer

What We Offer

What to Expect

What to Expect from Our NJ Detox Placement

At NJ Recovery Solutions, we provide much more than just referral services. Our detox placement services are comprehensive and customized to each individual’s unique needs, ensuring they receive the best care possible.


Evaluation & Assessment

The process begins with a thorough evaluation to determine the severity of the addiction, as well as uncovering any underlying mental health issues. This assessment informs our recommendation for a suitable detox partner and level of care required.

Coordination & Intake

After the evaluation, our team works closely with you to carefully select a vetted detox partner within our network. Using your evaluation data and personal circumstances, we select a partner that offers the best potential for your successful recovery. We ensure to choose a partner which can cater to your specific needs, whether they include medical detox, dual diagnosis, or specialized counseling.

Admission & Transport

Upon identifying the most suitable partner, we facilitate the admission process to ensure a smooth transition. This includes coordinating logistics like transport between our facility and the detox center, taking one less burden off your shoulders during this challenging time.


24/7 Support

At NJ Recovery Solutions, we’re there for you every step of the way. Our support line is open 24/7, providing you with direct access to expert advice and assistance at any point during your detox journey.


Paying for treatment

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Most major PPO & POS health plans help cover many of the costs associated with treatment at NJ Recovery Solutions. To find out your personal options for treatment, fill out our free insurance verification form. Our caring treatment coordinators will help you find the best treatment options that meet your personal needs in treatment. Don’t give up hope, recovery is possible.

Why Choose OUr program

A Few Reasons Why a Partial Day Program is Right for You

We work with a network of trusted detox partners located throughout the Tristate area. Each of our partners is meticulously screened and vetted to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards. These facilities offer a comprehensive range of detox services tailored to a variety of substances, including but not limited to:

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Benzodiazepines

Our partners provide 24-hour medical supervision to ensure safe detoxification, helping to manage withdrawal symptoms and prevent possible complications. Offering both inpatient and outpatient detox options, our partners deliver compassionate care and individualized treatment plans within a secure and supportive environment.

Transformation Awaits You...

Our caring admissions team is standing by ready to help you begin your journey towards lasting recovery from substance abuse & mental illness. NJ Recovery Solutions is here for you, day or night.

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Stories of Hope, Healing & Recovery

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Leave addiction in the past...

Let Us Help You With Our New Jersey Drug & Alcohol Detoxification Placement Services

Detoxification is only the first step in the recovery journey. Once completed, the process of healing and recovery truly begins. NJ Recovery Solutions supports clients through every stage of this process—from the initial detoxification to outpatient programs, individual and group therapy sessions, and ongoing aftercare.

We provide a seamless transition from detox to further treatment, whether within our facility or in collaboration with partners offering specialized care. Our ultimate goal is not just to help our clients achieve sobriety but to support them in maintaining their recovery long-term.

The detoxification process may be challenging, but it’s an essential and rewarding first step towards recovery. With our detox placement services, you can approach this stage with confidence, knowing that your well-being is our top priority.

Take the first step towards your healthier future. Contact North Jersey Wellness today to learn more about our detoxification placement services and how we can help guide you towards a life free of addiction.

Open Detox Beds Available

Our network of vetted detox partners in NJ offers you the power of choice when looking for a drug detox in NJ. Let our caring treatment professionals guide you to lasting recovery.

Detoxification FAQs

Frequently-Asked Questions About Detoxification

NJ Recovery Solutions in Florham Park, NJ, is dedicated to providing comprehensive and evidence-based behavioral healthcare treatment services for individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health. If you want to know more about the detox placement services at our treatment center, contact us today to get started on your journey.

What exactly is detox placement?

Detox placement services at NJ Recovery Solutions are specialized programs designed to assist individuals struggling with substance abuse in finding and securing a spot in a reputable and suitable detox facility. These services evaluate the needs of each individual and match them with a detox partner facility within our network, ensuring a tailored approach to the beginning of their recovery journey.

How do you determine the right detox facility for me?

The determination of the right detox facility is a careful process involving several steps:

  • Initial Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation of your substance use history, physical health, mental health, and personal preferences.
  • Care Requirements: Identifying the level of medical intervention and supervision required.
  • Facility Matching: Based on the assessment, we match you with a detox facility that best meets your specific needs, considering factors like the substance of abuse, required medical support, location preferences, and insurance coverage.

What types of substances can detox help with?

Our detox placement services are equipped to deal with a wide range of substances, including but not limited to alcohol, opioids (such as heroin and prescription painkillers), benzodiazepines, cocaine, methamphetamine, and more. Each partner facility in our network specializes in managing the withdrawal process from various substances, providing the most effective and safest detox possible.

Can family members be involved in the detox placement process?

Absolutely. At NJ Recovery Solutions, we recognize the vital role that family and loved ones play in the recovery process. We encourage the involvement of family members from the initial assessment to the placement process. While respecting the confidentiality and privacy of our clients, we work closely with families to ensure they are informed and supportive throughout the process.