Statistics on Mental Health Disorders in New Jersey

Statistics on Mental Health Disorders in New Jersey

Mental health issues are prevalent in New Jersey. Nearly 28% of adults in the state reported symptoms of anxiety, depression, or both in early 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified many people’s mental health conditions or caused new issues to arise.  Feelings of isolation, job loss, financial troubles, and health concerns have all taken a […]

Hope for the Mind: Getting Help with Mental Health in New Jersey

there is hope for mental health in new jersey

The state of mental health in New Jersey is alarming. According to recent surveys, nearly half of New Jersey adults reported feelings of anxiety or depression in 2021. Nearly 20% of New Jerseyans in need of counseling or therapy were unable to access it.  Of the over 300,000 adults who required but didn’t receive mental […]

How Social Media and Mental Health Go Hand-in-Hand

social media can be positive and negative

Social media has become so integral to our daily lives that it’s easy to overlook its impact on our mental health and well-being. According to surveys, most social media users have experienced negative effects. The numbers include: While social media platforms have benefits when used constructively, it’s important to be aware of and mitigate their […]

Overcoming Mental Health Stigma in New Jersey

overcoming mental health stigmas

The reality is mental health stigma runs deep in New Jersey. Many still see conditions like depression or anxiety as a sign of weakness or a character flaw. This leads too many to suffer in silence rather than seek help. A 2019 study found over 60% of NJ residents feel uncomfortable discussing mental health issues […]

Online Rehab: What You Need to Know

Young woman in online therapy session

Online rehabilitation refers to addiction treatment services or programs provided through secure online platforms. All you’ll need is a stable internet connection and a computer, phone, or tablet device. Online rehab utilizes counseling and interventions like traditional rehab but through video conferencing apps instead of in person. You’ll connect with licensed professionals and get the […]

Drug Rehabs In New Jersey: What You Need To Know

There are many options for drug rehabs in New Jersey

New Jersey has a serious drug problem, but there are many treatment options available. According to recent stats, nearly 38,326 people were admitted to rehab centers in the state in 2023. Over 40% of NJ rehab centers treat co-occurring disorders like depression or anxiety along with addiction. More than 80% offer therapy for mental health […]

The Types of Services Found in a New Jersey Recovery Center

Find help for addiction in New Jersey

Detox and treatment are two of the most important services offered at a recovery center. Detox allows you to safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol under medical supervision. Doctors provide medications as needed to help minimize withdrawal symptoms and make you as comfortable as possible during the process. Treatment, such as individual or group counseling, […]

How AA Meetings in New Jersey Can Help You Achieve Sobriety

Man introducing himself at AA meeting

According to recent statistics, over 95,000 Americans die each year from alcohol-related causes, making it the third leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. The Toll of Excessive Drinking Excessive alcohol use, including binge drinking, heavy drinking, and underage drinking, leads to approximately 88,000 deaths per year nationwide. Binge drinking is defined as consuming […]

Common Signs Of A Functioning Alcoholic

signs of a functioning alcoholic

What is a Functioning Alcoholic A functioning alcoholic is someone who is able to maintain arelatively normal life despite struggling with alcohol addiction. They go to work, pay their bills, and care for their families, all while drinking heavily. On the surface, functioning alcoholics seem to have it all together. They hold steady jobs, own homes, and […]